P.S. I have included all the things I have done step by step so at first, skim through the steps and then you will get a clear idea from where you need to start also at the end I have included straight-forward steps :)

These are the steps that I used to setup Laravel Environment👨🏼‍💻

Before we install Laravel we need to set up our Ubuntu with Apache and MySql so without further ado let’s dive into the topic:

  1. Here, I am using XAMPP instead of installing different packages of Apache and MySql which you can also do by clicking here,
  2. There are different ways…

Nowadays, we spent hours and hours on the internet chatting, commenting with friends, families, and on posts. And also there’s a great demand for technical writers around the globe so it might be the urge to everyone to increase their touch-typing speed. So I have listed out some of the…

During Late 2019, I attended a Hackathon, and there a winning team made a Book Sharing App during 8 hours of competition while all other teams were struggling to build a responsive website. …

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